RE: NANFA-- environment and the presidency

Shireen Gonzaga (
Wed, 23 Feb 2000 21:33:28 -0800 (PST)

> From: mcclurg luke e <>
> No, but I do expect courtesy!!!

Incredulous. Critical. Sarcastic. That's been the tone
of my response to you, and I used it to express my
utter outrage at what you are proposing. Sorry to hear
you could'nt take it.

> I do expect though that people know what they are
> talking about before they open their mouths and
> prove that they have not studied the problem or
> assume there is ...
> So, until you understand and have studied the
> problems, techniques and situations, perhaps you
> should restrain from spouting off so quickly?

I don't pretend to understand everything. But I know
that enough screw-ups have been made by people
claiming to "understand" how ecosystems work, so why
should I expect you or any other person to be
different? Anyone who thinks they can go in and
successfully "restore" an ecosystem to its original
state and/or reintroduce species that have gone
extinct in that location is flattering themselves.

> Bison. Aren't they shooting them because there are
> many?
> You buying any land to start a herd? Or donating
any > money to the ones who are?


> When was the last time you wrote/called the Dept. of

> the Interior? Or any governmental agency to support

> the wolf? Or instead of doing something, are you
> sitting back and sniping at those of us who are at
> least trying to effect change?
> I know that last statement isn't all true, as you do

> post some important news to this list. Now, why
> we all be allowed to do our part aswell?

I am so grateful that you'd acknowledge my one and
only contribution to conservation. Very considerate
and insightful of you.

And no one is stopping you from doing your part. I
just don't like what you have in mind, and I'm voicing
my objections to it, y'know, what you call "sitting
back and sniping."

Shireen Gonzaga
Baltimore, MD
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