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Presidential hopefuls weigh in on Endangered Species

The Endangered Species Act, adopted in the United
States in 1973, is generally considered to be the
strongest national environmental law in the world.
With the help of the League of Conservation Voters,
ENN has compiled a summary of the presidential
candidates' views on this legislation.
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Salmon are natural recycler
A growing body of scientific evidence is showing
that salmon are more than just a majestic sport fish,
a tasty entree, an economic resource or a cultural
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Man said threat to sharks' future
Marine researchers say the scariest thing about
sharks isn't that they might be lurking in the murky
depths. It's that they might not.
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Cyanide in Danube far above limit, Serb minister says
Serbia's environment minister said today that a
cyanide spill had caused concentrations of the poison
to rise above allowable levels in parts of the Danube,
but the situation was not critical.
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Cyanide widely used in mining
Cyanide has been a boon to the mining industry, but
a bane to the environment, not only in Eastern Europe
- where a spill of cyanide at a Romanian gold mine
last week devastated aquatic life in the Tisza and
Danube rivers - but in South America and the United
States, too.
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Ocean microbes yield possible anticancer cream
A cream made from ocean-dwelling microbes can
reverse sun damage that leads to skin cancer, a German
study says.
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Colorado forest water compromise may settle
20-year-old suit
An agreement over federal reserve water rights on
the Rio Grande National Forest in Colorado was hailed
by both sides as a "compromise" in a case filed more
than 20 years ago in Division 3 Water Court.
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