NANFA-- fish spawning

R.W.Wolff (
Sun, 6 Feb 2000 23:39:39 -0600

I had both orange spotted and bantam sunfish spawn for me again this week.
I tried the North carolina dollars, but the female was not qutie ready.

The orange spotted sunfish eggs disappeared, but there were plenty of
bantam fry that were just moved to a grow out tank.

The Louisiana dollar fry are growing well on paramecium, euglena,
microworms, and baby brine shrimp.

I also have a dozen or so young fundulus aurouguttatus ( banded topminnow_
cingulatus) coming along . They are in with a stray notatus and two
diaphanous who turned up in tanks with the adults I was keeping for one of
my ponds.

Hopefully female North carolina will be ready this week and I have luck
with them. I also hope to crack the code with the orange spotted sunfish,
they arent acting like any of the others when they spawn, I never witness
it ( maybe at night, they like muddy water) and the male is very poor
gaurdian of his nest, I hope the other male picks up the ball.


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