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Thu, 10 Feb 2000 08:54:44 EST

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<< I also hope to crack the code with the orange spotted sunfish,
they arent acting like any of the others when they spawn, I never witness
it ( maybe at night, they like muddy water) and the male is very poor
gaurdian of his nest, I hope the other male picks up the ball.

Would be possible to sort of come closer to conditions that the o-spots are
used to by having dimmer lighting and/or lots of overhead floating
vegetation? I'm wondering if maybe too much light and really clear water is
making them act all sketchy about spawning, nest guarding, and such; perhaps
they feel vulnerable because of this. Of course the muddy water aspect would
be hard to mimic without water quality problems and it would be unsightly,but
I think that maybe less light and shade could do the trick. I pretty much
just guessing as I've only bred one fish so far and it was by accident, and
(haven't had the space or inclination to do so until recently), but it seems
like this might help. Let me know what you think.

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