NANFA-- Humane Society Effort

Tue, 1 Feb 2000 10:29:37 -0600

My thinking is this; approach all of the fish retailers in the area ask
them if they would be willing to participate in supporting a "humane
society" type of effort for fishes. This support could come in the form of
donations, cash, supplies, volunteers, discounts or even as a collection
point. Those that are willing to assist could then also pass out flyers
informing their client base of the existence of the "humane society". In
return for their support they could then have access to the fish, that are
surrendered, for sale in their shops. My instincts tell me most smaller
LFS's would be willing to support as best they can, especially with the
added incentive of access to free or very low cost inventory. Remaining
fish could then be donated to Aquarium Societies, Public and Private
Aquaria and Schools, or Sold, Traded, Given Away, Euthanized or eaten (at
the discretion of the person running the "shelter" I make no
recommendations one way or the other).

I am not a member of NANFA, (yet) so I would ask, would NANFA to lend it's
name to such an effort? I am a member of the NFC and would like to see them
also lend their names to an effort of this type. The association of these
organizations with the effort would lend an air of credibility. If I walk
into an LFS and say "Hi. I'm Joe Blow and I want you to tell your customers
to give me their unwanted fish." I'm probably going to get shown the door.
But if I say "Hi. I'm Joe Blow and I'm working with both the NANFA and the
NFC into setting up a fish shelter in this area." I may get a few more
minutes to explain my ideas.

Robert, would the NFC be willing to lend it's name to an effort of this
type? This is still a very preliminary idea and has a ways to go before
fruition, but if it is to suceed I believe it will need the support of
these two organizations. It seems to fall in line with the efforts of both
groups with respects to halting the introduction of foreign (non-native)
species into local waters.

Last, does anyone really have the time to devote to this? It would take
many hours a week and with peoples busy schedules, many don't have that
kind of time (myself included). You certainly aren't going to get the level
of support the dog and cat shelters get.

Just my ramblings.


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