Re: NANFA-- Humane Society Effort

Mark B (
Thu, 3 Feb 2000 11:54:23 -0500

At 10:29 AM -0600 2/1/00, Ty_Hall_at_eFunds.Com wrote:
>My thinking is this; approach all of the fish retailers in the area ask
>them if they would be willing to participate in supporting a "humane
>society" type of effort for fishes...

I think the response from shops would be hit and miss. No way to know
without asking them.

>I am not a member of NANFA, (yet) so I would ask, would NANFA to lend it's
>name to such an effort?

We would need to delineate how the program would run and then take it to
the Board. The idea conforms to some of NANFA's goals. NANFA woundn't
want to be associated with a program unless it was run well.

>Last, does anyone really have the time to devote to this? It would take
>many hours a week and with peoples busy schedules, many don't have that
>kind of time (myself included). You certainly aren't going to get the level
>of support the dog and cat shelters get.

I'm thinking a preliminary pilot project would leave the level of
involvement at the dicretion of the individual volunteer. The time
involved will depend on how it's run. If there's not a lot of publicity,
the time required may be minimal. Maybe someone should write an editorial
for the fish mags.

Mark Binkley
Columbus Ohio USA <))><

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