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Dave Neely (
Wed, 09 Feb 2000 09:34:33 CST


>Yeah, I understand that. I really do think that say dollar and >longears
>are probably several species, but we shouldnt seperate them >into another
>genus away from say bluegills, or worse yet into there >own family away
>from bass and the other sunfish. That is what I am >really worried about.

What's been happening is things like the "resurrection" of natural groups
(!) like Luxilus, Lythurus, Cyprinella, Ammocrypta, Crystallaria, etc. The
nomenclature isn't there just to give us something to do - it's a hypothesis
that (hopefully) reflects natural patterns and historical processes.

In the old days a crusty old ichthyologist would synonomize various groups
with a wave of the hand and a "Let it be so." They would then turn around
and erect monotypic genera for things that might be a member of another
existing group. That's changing, and for the better.
At least now, we clearly state our methods, and we publish the data set our
changes are made on. Just because you don't get Copeia doesn't mean it's
inaccessible- a lot of the people on this list DO get it, and can get
articles for people who ask. I don't get the Paducah Gazzette, but I'd track
it down if they published a fish paper in it.

The sunfishes DO have several cryptic species that are not currently
recognized- give us some time! Our lab is working on mtDNA variation in
sunfishes as I type. (If you <really> want to know, send us some fish! We'll
cover shipping!).


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