Re: NANFA-- pygmy gamefish

R.W.Wolff (
Wed, 9 Feb 2000 12:07:30 -0600

> What's been happening is things like the "resurrection" of natural groups

> (!) like Luxilus, Lythurus, Cyprinella, Ammocrypta, Crystallaria, etc.

I'm not getting down on you or anyone else. If some of these natural
groups were used in the past, why were they passed over for a new way?
Those do make sense. but the first two are still cyprinids, and the last
two are still perch. Lythurus didnt suddenly beomce part Lythurusidae, and
then part of Lythurusiformes. I am going a little far here.

> In the old days a crusty old ichthyologist would synonomize various
> with a wave of the hand and a "Let it be so." They would then turn
> and erect monotypic genera for things that might be a member of another
> existing group.

Exactly what I'm talking about. Whos to know if everything that comes out
now isnt just another crusty wand waver. or tender DNA twirler =). The
instance of grouping all the epiplatys, pahcypanchax in with the
aplochielus. I was thinking the other way then, lets group aphanius with
fundulus while we are at it.

> The sunfishes DO have several cryptic species that are not currently
> recognized- give us some time! Our lab is working on mtDNA variation in
> sunfishes as I type. (If you <really> want to know, send us some fish!
> cover shipping!).

This will be interesting to see since I am intersted in sunfish. Send me
an address off list along with instructions for proper curing of the fish,
and I can send what ever sunfish you want from my region.

I realize all things dont neatly fit into man made categories. there fore
these categories will change to fit the fish, not our preconceived notoin.
I guess the most irritating thing is the fact that a name is no longer
valid because something comes out that 100 years before tucked away some
where on a shelf the fish was described correctly, but given a different
name. I am just looking for some clarity here, it would be easy if my
interests were not so spread.

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