Re: NANFA-- water circulation trick

Christopher Scharpf (
Thu, 01 Feb 2001 08:33:48 -0400

>I'm sure this is old hat to some of you guys, but I figured out (not
>that I had given it much thought before) a way to simulate the
>manner in which water circulates in an annular tank or "Ferguson
>Flume". You can do this with two powerheads, but in my case I
>used the Millenium 3000 internal filter and a small powerhead, both
>of which I purchased at the last NANFA auction. It is very simple:
>you put one powerhead in the lower left corner of the tank, next to
>the front glass, and direct the flow from left to right. The other
>powerhead goes in the opposite corner of the tank next to the back
>glass, and the flow is directed from right to left. The result is that
>the water flows in a continuous stream in an elliptical pattern. Try
>it - it works great!


This is fascinating. How are you applying this in your tank(s)? To what benefit?
Is there a perceived difference in the behavior or health of the fish? Which
fish stand to benefit the most? Or is the benefit simply aesthetic?

Chris Scharpf

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