Re: NANFA-- plastic storage tubs as aquariums?
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<< Leo

In sunny New Orleans where a parade has just passed two blocks away and
we're awaiing another this evening.
Where you can hear the familar words ,
"Throw me something mister" ringing out.

Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler' >>

Leo I relate to your stories again. hehe. mm 3 brothers and I had chickens,
frogs, snakes, fish, birds, and insects. almost everything we caught wild.
we had a gray squarrel. Later I had the bunnies, broad brested bronze
turkeys, the peacocks, ducks, geese. I remember one day this very
sophisticated woman in an expensive fur coat came to my front door. she had
fallen in the January snow and was covered with goose manure all over her fur
coat. I had about 30 full grown geese dropping 50 pounds of grain a day
through their food channel. but I dont think she realized her expensive
fur coat was covered in shit yet. she was at the door to tell me my geese
were running around my yard. hehe. I looked and could hardly stop from
laughing but was afraid she might try to make me pay for her coat so very
politely I told her thank you. hehe. she left quietly as I burst out
laughing in the house for hours. hehe. I think the fur coat was ruined. my
geese always ran loose in the yard. thank you.


Let the Good Times Roll

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