Re: NANFA-- plastic storage tubs as aquariums?

Leo Arieux (
Sun, 18 Feb 2001 15:22:55 -0600 (CST)

Fish were probably the least offensive hobby to my mother's
sensibilities. I caught kept and sold snakes, in fact when I was a
teenager I financed many a date on snake sales. I am quite sure my dates
would have died if they knew there had been live snakes in my auto.

I also raised pigeons...had a flock and
a loft for them to roost. I had fantails and even some poutier pigeons,
amazing birds. I came from a hunting family so many opportunities arose
for exotic pets.
I kept a screech owl ( it had a broken wing which I set with the help of
my grandfather ) I fed it sparrows and white mice ( raised white mice
and rats to feed
my snakes ) oh boy did my mother like them.

Then there were the bantum chickens....
the rooster didn't like my mother so he would attack her ankles when she
was hanging up the wash in the back yard.
She corrected his attitude one day ,,,,she drop kicked him about 15
feet, from then on he gave her a wide berth <BG>.

Oh yes my father, grandfather and I went hunting a couple of weeks after
one of the many hurricanes that frequented our area and in a tree which
had been blown down was a large nest, in the nest was one surviving baby
flying squirrel. Cute little beggar, fed him with a kids toy baby bottle
with formula from the pet shop. He grew up quite nicely. I taught him to
climb up the curtains in the house to the valance then jump to my
shoulder ( bad move ). One day he jumped on my mothers shoulder and
hair! oy vey such a commotion you would not believe. I was given an
ultimatum either the squirrel goes or we both adios mr.

How about alligators had one of those and several kinds of turtles, four
hunting dogs
( setters ) , my grand father had a mule which he used to pull a wagon
that he used to drop off herbs and various vegetables to retailers in
the old French Market. All the kids in the neighborhood
would line up to see who would go with us. Between the various pets and
that I was a very popular kid <VBG>.

Oh by the way all of this took place in New Orleans in the middle 40's
and 50's.
The city was less sophisticated in those
days. Fortunately, this is what fathers,grandfathers and kids did in
those days for entertainment, unlike now ! Too
bad look at all the opportunities parents and children miss by now doing
outdoor things the hell out of
TV and the bonding is great.


In sunny New Orleans where a parade has just passed two blocks away and
we're awaiing another this evening.
Where you can hear the familar words ,
"Throw me something mister" ringing out.

Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler'

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