RE: NANFA-- Mystery Fish Communication

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Wed, 28 Feb 2001 13:16:09 -0600

Bruce -

The Vermont thing had me thrown, too, but T. mossambica can survive at
temp.s below 12 o C and the lake was deep. I assumed a fast growing fish
and maybe some warm springs as thermal refugia in winter.

- Jan

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>Subject: RE: NANFA-- Mystery Fish Communication
>Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 11:38:58 -0600
>Just looked at the mystery fish. My opinion - based on fin placement, fin
>shape, and body size is a Tilapia - possibly T.mossambica. It seems too
>elongate and/or too large to be one of the other commonly-encountered
>Tilapia (T. aurea, T. mariae, T. melanotheron). T. mossambica has a
>somewhat subterminal mouth with fleshy lips and tolerates cooler water than
>most Tilapia.

I'd thought about that too, but I wasn't sure how big T. mossambica gets.
Living in a large, well-oxygenated lake with a healthy food web maybe they
get that big... and I have problems connecting Tilapia with Vermont, which
might not be a real problem.

--Bruce Stallsmith
Huntsville, AL

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