Re: NANFA-- Escalating the War Against Predator Pike

R. W. Wolff (
Mon, 11 Feb 2002 11:52:15 -0600

I see this as further proof that poisoning never works, and usually only
eliminates or hurts the non target species. So much carp poisoning has gone
on in Wisconsin, the carp are as common as ever, but many lesser known
species are trying to recover from these eradications. Depending on this
lakes make up, it is likely there is no real solution to eliminate pike,
since they are very good at going places that any method will not effect
them. Whether it is very deep ( big spawners) or very shallow way up into
swamp or head water streams as smaller young do. Since this is a drinking
water lake, the water must be clean, and the fish safe to eat. One method I
think would work is to implement an open season year round on pike, with no
release on any pike. They are very good eating, and with some instruction
can be easily cleaned to eliminate the annoying Y bones. Locals here used
to ( before the size limits were put in to effect) pickle small ones, I
guess this softened the bones. Commercial fishing could help too. If
nothing they could be caught as sport, and used as fertilizer. Another trait
that make northern very effective in taking over bodies of water is they
spawn very early, sometimes right after ice off. This gives their young a
jump start on other species. There young then scour the water of all fry
that come up from later spawning fish.

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