Re: NANFA-- That whole sandbed thing.

Todd Crail (
Tue, 4 Feb 2003 23:11:26 -0500

Well. Doh!

Picked up a new and different brand of nitrate test kit today. I was using
the Aquarium Pharmaceuticals... Now I have a Tetra test kit (would be
interesting to see how the Hagen one compares). The AP one had expired in
December so I thought I'd try something new... Now the Tetra one is showing
about 25 mg/L (is ppm and mg/L and equivalent?). <sigh> So ignore every
last thing I said in this thread ;)

Actually, if that's as bad as it was, then I'm not complaining. It did go
for 2 months without any intervention besides stuffing the fish with food
and dumping in fertilizers twice a week. And now that I've added the
fertilizers for the week on Sunday, the algae on the glass is already
crashing. So there is some inherent beauty in this method so far... I just
didn't want to let myself walk off like I was some sort of Aquarist's Oracle
or sumpin. :)

Guess it's time to clean some of the detritus out of the filters and change
a little water tomorrow. heeheehee.

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