NANFA-- "Hot" Topic - requests for information

John Bongiovanni (
Sat, 7 Feb 2004 7:24:50 -0600

Whew, so that is what getting slammed is like!


No slam was intended, I greatly respect the work you do, but I'll bet my timing couldn't have been worse! I do believe though that this is a legitimate topic for discussion and my intent was to throw it on the table for discussion.

I have participated in another list, not nearly as fun as this, an astronomy list, that would on occasion get requests from students on science projects. It was the general consensus that they would help but the student really had to do most of the research.

One of the goals that teachers have in assigning these projects to students is to get the student into the library or to an authoritative source to actually "learn" how to research these topics. That is why they have to, on many occasions, list the sources of information at the end of their paper. They often get graded on their sources.
It sounds better if a student lists their sources "Meffe, G.K. and Snelson F.F. ed. 1989" rather than "an e-mail list on the internet". Many of you are very much experts in your field and can give quite authorative discussion in your area of interest. I think the teacher is looking for the student to be sticking their nose in American Currents rather than getting a detailed response from the e-mail list.

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