Re: NANFA-- "Hot" Topic - requests for information

Christopher Scharpf (
Sat, 07 Feb 2004 08:54:13 -0400

> Chris,
> No slam was intended...

I didn't think I was getting slammed. Slammed was Dave Neely's word choice,
and I think he overreacted on this point. I had simply pointed out the
humorous irony of a post that was actually *about* fish being criticized for
containing too much information while posts containing no "fishy"
information whatsoever were concurrently being derided/defended. Believe me,
I was amused, not offended!

I will leave it up to Nick Z. whether to forward my post to the student. I
trust his judgment on this. At worst, some people on this list learned a
little about Macrhybopsis.

As far as how to convey the appropriate amount of information to students
doing homework and research assignments, I think that's a discussion best
had off list.

But, let's give the student *some* credit. She (he?) obviously did enough
research to find out about NANFA and at least ask the right people her

Chris Scharpf
Bemused in Baltimore
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