Re: NANFA-- Actincs pt. 2
Fri, 13 Feb 2004 19:50:30 EST

now im really confused. :)
i tried for years to get plants to grow w/ little success beyond java fern,
moss and some anubis ray katula gave me.
now im having excellent success w/ a variety of plants.
you just gotta keep trying different things. lights, varying duration,
substrates. fertilizers. water changes. they all have influence. water temperature.
surface turbulation. not to mention co2... ive got the gear but i want my fish
to provide the co2.

there is nothing like a good planted tank. i see it as a living filter,
providing refuge not only for the fish but little tiny critters the fish can hunt
and pick at. i think many fish nibble on the plants adding dietary needs as
but boy algae can drive you crazy. then all of a sudden something magic
happens. :)

ive got a 13 gallon glass bottle tank w/ plants, pygmy killies and shrimp. i
had 2) 60 watt small diameter grow spotlights on it for years. those bulbs
were always burning out after only a few months and they are almost 10 bucks
each. im using 60 watt household bulbs now, they dont burn out and the plants have
done well for almost a year. i only rarely do a water change in it.

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