Re: NANFA-- Tesselated darters - more
Wed, 25 Feb 2004 07:48:33 EST

Sorry, I realize I didn't answer any of your questions!
Yes tessies would do fine in a ten gallon. I wouldn't put too many in
together though.
Temps at 69 F is fine.
A trickle filter is fine if it is cycled and efficient. Tesselated darters
apparently do not need current to thrive.
Mine are social at the moment but I haven't been through any mating behavoir
yet. As of now, they don't seem to keep defined territories but mix and share
the bottom real estate. They do chase each other but only short bursts. I've
never had any torn fins and all get enough to eat. We'll see if this changes if
any mating develops.
Sand or gravel substrate and a few rocks with overhangs and maybe a piece of
driftwood or two to give a selection of hiding places would be good for
I'm not sure what you mean in your last question about nitrogen cycling. If
you have a seasoned, efficient trickle filter, you should have no problem with
nitrogen cycle.
If you mean should the tank be cycled first if it's brand new, then yes by
all means cycle it BEFORE adding darters. Really that would be true of almost
anything. Cycle your tanks with extra hardy minnows or a robust sunfish or two.
Even better, I like a few bullfrog tadpoles and an apple snail or two. Never
known either of those animals to perish of "new tank syndrome".
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