Re: NANFA-- Biggest fresh water NA fish

Christopher Scharpf (
Tue, 04 Jan 2000 09:26:09 -0400

Bruce sez...
> The Lake Sturgeon,
> _Acipenser fulvescens_, which can grow to 2.7 m at maturity at least in
>verifiable modern records. Such a fish weighs 400 lbs.

RW Wolf sez...
>I would say the aliigator gar, but not be right as it is found in salt
>water , although it is not anadormous in the truest sense

Moontanman sez...

>oh, oh, oh, I know, I know. ALLIGATOR GAR!

Well, at least in terms of length, it's the alligator gar; the largest specimen
on record was nearly 3 m (9 ft 8.5 in) and weighed (302 lb) (Suttkus, 1963).
Itıs the largest non-anadromous freshwater fish in North America.

Although if Bruce's #s are acurate, then the lake sturgeon is definitely the
most massive non-anadromous FW NANF.

Chris Scharpf

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