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<< I've dove the Great Lakes for twenty five years, almost all shipwreck
Shipwrecks provide artifical reefs that attract all type of fish life. I
have seen
fresh water sponges? (some type of growth). Haven't seen feather dusters nor
freshwater jellyfish. Tons of crawfish, sculpins, and lake trout, burbot,
and other fish fry. I collect sculpins with a slurp gun while diving. >>

Wow, I had no idea. That's pretty cool! I've been wanting to take diving
classes for a while now, when circumstances permit. You can bet I'd be
exploring some nearby freshwaters! Observing NA freshwater fish underwater in
their natural habitat would be an unparallelled experience. Feather dusters
are small in size and would be easy to overlook (they inhabit Lake Erie and
Lake Superior ; haven't heard about them occurring in Lake Huron which is
rather odd ). The jellyfish are supposed to be small and their transparency
would tend to make them more inconspicuous; I think that they're only seen at
certain times of the year.Btw, what's a slurp gun?

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