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Christopher Scharpf (
Wed, 19 Jan 2000 17:01:48 -0400

Mark Binkley wrote...

>Interesting anecdote - I was just listening to Terry Gross on Fresh Air
>interviewing the director of the movie, Magnolia. The movie contains a
>scene where it rains frogs. The director recounted a story of a friend who
>was driving through the Swiss Alps when it began to rain frogs.
>Interestingly, his primary concern was maintaining traction on the frog
>slickened, mountain road. OK, makes sense!

MAGNOLIA is a terrific film, but it is challenging, takes HUGE risks (the frog
scene, which happens at the very end, being one of them), and is over 3 hours
long. A lot of people got up and left when I sw it, and booed when the rains
came. I, however, was cheering! What a great moment in cinema history!

The film shows in unfliching detail the traction problem of cars (and an
ambulance!) driving over what appears to be hundreds of thousands of frogs.

>Reference is made to the Biblical account of the plague of frogs which can
>be found in Exodus, Chapter 8. See -

Thanks for the link. That passage was mentioned in the film, setting up the
magical-realist finale.

Chris Scharpf

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