Re: NANFA-- AP story: Fish kill surfaces in Indiana race

Christopher Scharpf (
Wed, 19 Jan 2000 17:11:28 -0400

Dave Neely said.

> I'd bet almost anything that
>most of the mussels listed occurred in the mainstem White- they aren't forms
>that are usually found in small creeks. Does anyone else get the impression
>that Indiana DNR is lying through their teeth, and trying to cover their
>tails on this one?

I've been talking to malacologist Kevin Cummings at the Illinois Nat Hist Survey
re: this. (Some of you may remember him from the NANFA Convention.) He says:

"As far as I know from some of the sampling that we did in
the West Fork White River, that part of the river is a desert for mollusks.
At our three closest sites to that area we found almost no living mussels
at all. The site just upstream of Indy had shell remains of 17 species but
we found only one live individual of one species. At the next site
downstream we found remains of 22 species and ZERO live. The next site
down (Gosport, Owen Co.) had 10 live species but all common stuff. I don't
believe that there is a single living listed mussel species in the West
Fork proper any more. The East Fork is another story."

Chris Scharpf

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