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Bruce Stallsmith (
Wed, 19 Jan 2000 17:39:13 EST

The whole point of all this, is that evolutionary biology and geology are
based on physical evidence that can be tested and re-tested within the
scientific method. The word "theory" in scientific usage means that it is a
body of hypotheses based on evidence that are bundled together to explain a
broad phenomenon. Cell biology is taught as "the cell theory" even though
all living systems on this planet are based on cells.

Let me be blunt; if your beliefs are based on one or another of the middle
eastern based cults, you are not going on evidence but on faith. This is
VERY different. I can not test your faith (unless you're into handling
snakes, an interesting test...). Hard, physical evidence points to the great
antiquity of the earth, and of life forms upon it that have changed over a
3+ billion year period. Various extremist groups such as the Inquisition,
the Stalinists and scattered fundamentalist groups have been and are trying
to suppress or confuse this evidence. The short answer is, religion and
science don't mix.

--Bruce Stallsmith
Huntsville, AL
"still no snakes in my truck"

><<The theory of evolution is a science. It should
>be taught as a science in schools. >>
>True, it is a theory and it is science, but it is a theory and science that
>is based upon some presuppositions. Anyway, the greater question
>it a good theory based on good science?
><<It was a subtle effort by fundamentalists to ram their
>religious beliefs down everyones' throats.>>
>Well, maybe. Or maybe it was an effort to increase the freedom of speech,
>and be fair to differing views.

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