Re: NANFA-- Alaska Salmon in the Classroom question

R.W.Wolff (
Wed, 26 Jan 2000 11:18:12 -0600

> at least want to eradicate the brown trout; they're supposed not supposed
> be particularly palatable and they're harder to catch.

on inland streams the browns are easier to catch , since they can handle
warmer water, and taste as good as any other trout/salmon, except for
brook trout, which are 99% hatchery fish that taste like bread wild brooks
on the other hand are delicous. I think this is another ridiculous thing,
the constant stocking of fish to provide fishing, instead of improving
habitat for available fish. To much emphasis on certain specie s being
good fish. This is a seperate issue, and I dont want to start somethign
with it, but... Wisconsin wants to open a morning dove season. Some people
are against just because morning doves are attractive, sound nice, and are
the states bird of peace. I mean, come on, if it was ravens or something
no one would care. Anyway, this happens with fish too. Trout are made of
gold. Burbot on the other hand are considered slimy snakes. When Cod is
just as esteemed as salmon. Veiws of fish ( and other animals) have to be
changed as well before things will happen. Man made lables have to stop
being used to determine weather something should be protected. Otherwise
way out environmental groups will get pretty names for all the things they
want prtected, and leave all the non cuddly things for the dust bin.

> The fact that they
> can breed several times a year compared to our natives' one time a year
> the fact that they can hunt in total darkness are additional factors that

> make them a big threat; one of the biggest threats MI's aquatic
> have had to face yet.

Sounds like when the walleye and burbot adapt to these new taste treats
that gobies may have a problem. The goby is a perfect sized meal for both
these fish. What I dont get ( atleast here in wisconsin) when a fish like
this shows up, you can not have it in your posession in any form, or else.
I would think the best thing would be to promote overharvest by anyone
interested, dead transport only. On inland waters crawfish can be
collected for bait, but they must be dead ( to stop the rusty crawfish
invasion which by the way never happened, I wont get started on that one
either). We cant say we cant trust people to not transport them alive,
then dump them, those people will do it under the current law, simply
because they DONT CARE. Gobies could be the next smelt, collected by the 5
gallon pail fulls ( hopefully to there extinction in U.S. waters) and deep
fried just like french fired potatoes. Yum Yum!

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