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<< Just a note: The limit went down from 15 to one per day and then none in
waters. Currently fisheries is holding public hearings with the intent to
make this
particular wolf eel heaven a marine sanctuary. My latest adventure there had
me almost
hooked by a down rigger! Tracked on the depth finder, did they think I was
eel or

This one man did a big thing with a heart felt letter and it worked. katrina

This letter's sentiments were very eloquently put. It was very touching to
read about how trusting these wolf-eels are and this man's passion for them.
The letter really drives home how cruel and unnecessary wolf-eel spearing is.
Yeah, I'm sure that in a way they would look cool on a wall but they look
even better in the wild. Plus I don't really like the thought of these
animals getting speared and suffering a slow death. I'm not trying to preach
or anything; I'm sure that maybe there are people that get into spear fishing
and that just because I'm not into it I shouldn't criticize it, however I
will say that if any fish species should not be speared this species
certainly is one.

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