NANFA-- parasite question

Frauley/Elson (
Sat, 29 Jan 2000 12:02:34 -0500

While we're discussing the white cyst problem on dispar, my E. olmstedi
have a minor problem. It is what appears to be a "white barbie
flesh-colored" lump about the size of their eyes, along the lower
Originally, there was one on one fish - now, 4 months later, I find 3
fish affected, one with two lumps. I had thought it was the reason they
weren't flourishing, but since I moved them to their own aquarium, they
have been putting on weight, displaying and going into breeding
colouration quite regularly. Originally, they were with some shiners
(heterolepsis) and two small sunfish. None of the other fish show signs
of this parasite, even though they were together in the wild, and in a
tank from April until November 99.
Since it has spread, I expect it will be a problem. Any pointers?
PS - my 6 year old daughter was watching the news and is angry at you
lot in Georgia and Carolina. We're almost snowless up here in Montreal,
and she wants you to please give us back our normal climate. Thanks.

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