RE: NANFA-- Humane Society for Fish

Jay DeLong (
Sat, 29 Jan 2000 09:32:52 -0800

Roger, are you active in your NANFA region? I'll bet Elmer Guerri would
like to hear about this idea.

Being a responsible pet owner starts from choosing a pet doesn't it? But
there will always be unwanted pets. After all, look that the very obvious
problem with excess dogs and cats from people not heeding the sound advice
to spay and neuter their pets. And all the people taking dogs and cats they
can't keep, or mistreating the ones they have, or not seeing the need for
basic medical care. Still, organizations like the Humane Society have made
a difference. So with fishes and herps, I think NANFA can, too. It's all
about education and spreading the word, don't you all think? If we can only
help inform people on the harm done by releasing unwanted pets, even before
they choose a pet, perhaps they'll think twice while selecting the right
pet. Then there won't be as many problems with releasing them. I gotta
think that people who release fish and herps are many of the most caring pet
owners, else they wouldn't "care" enough to release them. We just need to
make them "care" enough to not release them, and especially to not take them
in the first place. I'm guilty of this latter part myself-- I have a
softshell turtle I don't believe I can keep in the long term.

We need to finds ways to get the word out. Education is the best long-term
solution. Everyone please consider joining the NANFA Education Committee,
where we can make a real difference.

Jay DeLong
living in a house ruled by a dog, and he made me say these things
Olympia, WA

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