Re: NANFA-- light bulbs and tannins

Al G Eaton (
Thu, 18 Jan 2001 09:19:28 -0800 (PST)

I am
> assuming these
> tannins block the light since they make the tanks
> look a lot darker.
> Does anyone have any ideas about getting rid of the
> tannins

Tannins do indeed reduce the effectiveness of your
light bulbs. Do your water changes!!! That is the
best way to maintian clarity of your water.

For a ten gallon tank I would try one of those cf
rated at 75 watts. If I were doing a 20 long or hi or
larger tank I would consider the compact fluorescents
at ahsupply, if my aquarium were four feet long I
would look at t-8 bulbs rated at least as high as 4100

I remember seeing a url of someone who used those
screw in cf lights pretty effectively.

Be aware though that the amount of light is only one
facet of growing plants. You also have to balance
CO2, macro-nutrients, micro-nutrients and kH levels in
your tank effectively. Do not run your lights
continuously as that favors algae in the battle for

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