NANFA-- Lobelia dortmanna

Jeffrey Fullerton (
Sun, 21 Jan 2001 23:08:51 -0500

> About Lobelia dortmanna, it is a vary rare plant here in Denmark. I have =
> tried it in a pond year ago with plans from Norway, where it is common, =
> but it only survived two seasons.=20
> This was because of the appearence of algaes in the pond.
That infernal algae again!
Even with barley straw I still have trouble with it on my milfoils. I
mostly keep ahead of it by cutting the plants back when they get covered
and the new growth is usually algae free for a while anyway. The other
way is to grow milfoil shoots terrestrially for a while and then immerse
them. They quickly revert back to the sunmerged form and do well for a

My third method is to pull a badly infested plant and immerse it for a
while in a 20 gal tub treated with Algae Destroyer.

In my quest for a more enduring victory I'm looking at adding a new
weapon to my arsenel - go for the achillees heel of algae by going after
nutrients in the water column. I'm thinking switching away from planting
baskets back to solid rubber and plastic tubs - except for pickerel
weed and a few others which I might grow bare root in baskets of gravel
or lava rock to provide a natural in-pond filtration and refugium for
scuds and other pond life.

I'm hoping that though a combination of barley straw, natural
competition with vascular plants and restricting flow of nutrients from
planters I can starve the algae out.
I just so happen to have an algae problem in my planted tank - so I was
thinking of testing some ideas there.

PS I'd love to hear from anyone who has or can get Lobelia dortmanna
plants or viable seed.

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