NANFA-- Ray Wolffs flashin lites

Sun, 21 Jan 2001 20:50:23 -0800 (PST)

Ray , your story about those minners and them
flashin lites just brought back a flood o memories . I
have a pretty close story to it .
One evenin I was down to the creek bottom when
some lites start to flashin and I looks up to see this
little green feller sliden down this one beam and he
settles on the creekbank and comences to make this
buzzin tween my ears . Well this buzzin is the way the
little feller talks you know . He s sayen "WHAT YOU
GOT IN THAT BUCKET THERE ? I said minners . So this
feller dips his 3 fingered green paw into the minner
bucket and latches onto a minner with the suction cups
on the tippy tips of those fingers , puts the minner
to his little bitty slit mouth and slurps the minner
in . The buz tween my ears says nummy - nummy get me
more . Now there s somethin bout this little feller
that I dont want to argue none with em so I comences
to get one net after nother of minners for him to
slurp down . From the buzzen in my head I kin tell
minners turn the little feller on . Truely ! HE S
THINKEN SEXUAL THOUGHTS ! Oh my , maybe I can git the
feller so full of minners he might take a nap instead.
Works fer me . No minners left . They done all
skedatled . I hefted my net outen the creek and wasnt
but one bitty fish in it . Gimme gimme that buz said .
So I holds out the net to sucker toes and he latches
onto the fish then starts jumpin up and down and
hollerin owee owee owee . Then he goes zippen up that
beem and the ship takes off. Ray thats why my most
favorit fish is the madtom . Saved me from a fait
worse in death .

Bill Hoppe
Yellville Arkansas
Why Yellville ? It saves on phone bills .

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