Re: NANFA-- Syngnathus sp

Dave Littlehale (
Tue, 23 Jan 2001 19:40:02 -0500

Brian, from my experience with both S. fuscus and H. erectus I would focus
on the diet and water chemistry based on the information you provided.
Generally, other tank mates can be too aggressive in feeding for the
seahorse, but I don't think there is much of a concern with the

For diet, I strongly recommend frozen mysid shrimp from Piscene Energetics.
They are readily eaten by most all fish. They are a little expensive, so I
save them for either the finicky eaters or the syngnathids. Actually, it is
really the shipping that makes them expensive, but they are worth it. With
a little coaxing both species should take them without a problem. I've
soaked the mysids overnight in either Selco or Algamac 2000.

I also feed live adult brine that has been enriched with Selco, Algamac 2000
or spirulina powder. The key is to enrich the adult brine; there are many
choices. The pipefish have done fine with this diet. They are constantly
spawning in the tank, but I'm not presently set up to take care of the baby
pipefish, very tiny. They need to start off on a diet of rotifers and

The second concern is the salinity. I'd raise that to 32-35 ppt. I'm not
saying that they can't survive at 18-20ppt, this is entirely based on what
has worked for me. Temperature in the low to mid 70's and you're all set.

How often do you do water changes? NO3?

Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if it is the salinity because if the diet
is keeping your seahorses alive then it is certainly capable of supporting
the pipefish. Nutritional problems in the seahorse are very common with the
telltale sign of the concave body.

Hope all this helps.

Good luck


> Diet: mostly live brine shrimp, supplimented with marine vitamins and
> frozen food (mostly for other inhabitants).
> Tank Mates: 2 nine-spine sticklebacks and a few grass shrimp.
> Chemistry: salinity about 18-20 ppt pH about 8 ammonia was usually low,
> but we did get occasional spikes. ( The seahorses survived.)
> Did I leave anything out?
> Brian Bastarache

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