Re: NANFA-- Ohio & Ky Fishing Regs.-need help deciphering!

Wed, 24 Jan 2001 15:04:12 -0600

Usually if not specified, most of the smaller non-game species will fall
under the rules for Minnows. But what I would recommend is that you call
the ODNR and ask them specifically what you need to know. They should be
able to answer your questions or interpet the rule book for you. Finally
document that conversation and the person's name you talked to.

Good luck


I've read the Ohio Fishing Regs. over & over but can't seem to figure out
the rules for collecting game & non-game species. What are the sizes/limits
for each? Is collecting the same as catching for eating etc? What types of
collecting methods are legal/illegal? Are any of these laws seasonal? Do
rules vary from county to county w/n Ohio?

What about private ponds/creeks (of relatives w/ permission)?

Can a classroom in OH have a native tank with game species over/under
size/number restrictions collected in Ohio? What about outside of OH-IN,
MI? What about a home native aquarium-collected in or out of state?

Who/what department(s) do I contact?

The same questions for Ky.

What is considered a "body of water" in OH-a native aquarium?

I'm soooo confused!!! The ODNR website does not help much either-ky is a
bit more helpful.

Any help appreciated!

P.S. Yes-I have a fishing license for OH, IN,& KY. My folks have residences
in each state with ponds & creeks on the properties!

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