NANFA-- What do blackworms eat? (In aquariums...)

Lions Lark (
Wed, 24 Jan 2001 16:02:08 -0500

I've been keeping blackworms in my frig. over a couple of weeks & have been
trying to feed them. I have to order large quantities to save money (80%!)
but I've noticed that they are getting skinnier & skinnier over the weeks. I
would like to order a larger quantity & set them up in their own minifridge
at 45 degrees F with aeration & filtration however I can't figure out what
to feed them!

I've tried flake food, Hikari algae discs, anacharis, part of an unsalted
cracker, bread ('wonder'bait), a fallen maple & oak leaf from outside and
even a dead cricket & dead minnow from my tank! I've tried feeding in room
temp during the day & at night after water changes & in the fridge. I try to
leave each food in for a couple of days at least. I didn't notice any
consumption. I didn't notice any dead worms either! Just skinnier ones!

I keep them on the top shelf in square glass pyrex dishes covered with a
paper towel and stacked alternating lengthwise & crosswise. (No substrate.)
I change the water 2x a day & the fridge is kept at 34-36 degrees F.

Should I try a better brand of flakes? I'm not happy with the thought of
them starving!

Any help appreciated,
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