NANFA-- not releasing fish back in to the wild FAQ
Wed, 24 Jan 2001 19:09:42 EST

Quote from the NANFA Code of Ethics posted on the website:

"Fishes or other aquatic organisms must not be relocated or introduced into
any outdoor bodies of water, even to places where they were originally
collected (except catch and immediate release), including specimens raised in
private aquaria, without permission from the appropriate governing agency.
Members must realize that there are complicated and often unknown ecological
processes at work in aquatic systems which may make fish introductions
detrimental to the system. Potential problems from such introductions include
displacement of native species, spread of disease, and the loss of genetic
diversity via hybridization. "

Perhaps we should consider having an expanded FAQ posted on the website and
printed in "American Currents" that covers even more specific reasons why the
above is true. Preferably written by the many qualified experts in NANFA and
on the list.

This topic seems to come up on both lists a few times a year. I am happy to
see it because it gives newcomers exposure to the problem and reminds those
of us already "in the choir." It might just save us from having to reinvent
the wheel each time.

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA

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