Re: NANFA-- Minnow trap advice

R. W. Wolff (
Thu, 25 Jan 2001 23:56:52 -0800

Here is what I do.
Traps are secured to shore with dog chain. This blends readily with the
ground and water. I use a rail road spike and push it the ground out in the
water. I use some triangulation markers to find it again. I am not kidding,
this will make the trap invisible, unless you can see the trap once it
settles in the water. Use big trees, a bridge piling or other large easy to
recognize objects to find your spike. I also dig a trench with my heal in
the shoulder of the road. Problem with this is if they grade the road.
Placement of trap is in areas fish use. Near culverts, in rat trails, areas
that funnel fish in, like a narrow area, where a drop off comes very close
to shore and there are lots of weeds on the shelf, etc. Length of chain
depends on how far out I need to toss the trap. If you are using the chain
in non acidic water, to get the bright new silver off, soak in a pail with
lots of oak leaves for a few days. Be sure to label the trap if state law
requires, and also follow size and any other rules. Usually a minnow/
netting of other type of regulation can be gotten that covers collecting
bait fish,
hope this helps,

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