Re: NANFA--Minnow Trap Advice

R. W. Wolff (
Fri, 26 Jan 2001 13:02:40 -0800

I catch my own feeder fish, but they are very common here. Golden shiner,
fathead minnows , creek chubs , northern red belly dace, blacknose shiners
and emerald shiners. I would not feed red finned shiner, redside dace or
other less common fish. I believe wild fish are healthier than bait minnows
or feeders from a pet shop. Those fish are contained in little areas which
increases disease spread. Sure wild fish can harbor problems, but less
likely. Second, if the fish I kept were still in the wild, they would be
eating these same fish anyways, and not differentiating between emerald
shiners and baby paddlefish. I think anyone is free to do what they feel is
"morally" right in this regard. I doubt anyone is catching rare species and
feeding them off to other fish. Another way around this is any fish that
will eat worms should be fed them instead. I notice more vigor and health in
sunfish that are fed worms. My small bowfin that are being raised a strict
night crawler diet are much better looking than my large ones that are
eating minnows. I did this once before , and the color and health seemed
much better. Worms are also unlikely to have any aquatic disease problems
associated with minnows.

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