NANFA--Minnow Trap Advice

Jeffrey Fullerton (
Sat, 27 Jan 2001 00:43:27 -0500

> Dream back to the beginnings of mankind's existance, if you will...........
> Remember being hunted and eaten by whatever beasts that could prey upon us?
> What about the lowly insects that fed upon the carcass?
> The earth is a cruel and at the same time, a vital place! Live and let live
> will never happen! Just ask Saddam Hussien........or Hitler.......
> I appreciate your thoughtfulness, but remember that in all things earthly,
> logic and kindness don't always rule.........
> Signed,
> Mother Earth
Well said BG - in a way that is both insightful and respecting of all
We forget too easily that Mother Nature can be a harsh mistress and
sometimes that harshness is necessary for the web of life to function.
And while we have altered that web we are also part of it no matter what
religion or value system we believe in. There is no hope of going back
to a simpler age- only learning from our experiences and mistakes and
trying to make better choices for the future.

As for the collection of feeder fishes - I would hope that NANFA members
are familiar with the areas they are collecting from and know which
species are abundant and legal and which ones are protected - or going
above and beyond the letter of the law : in need of protection and will
return these to the water - as Ray does with the Redfin Shiners and
Redside Dace which are not yet listed in his state but less abundant.

If you want to avoid this issue and maybe the possibility of disease
there is always the option of culturing livebearers in tubs or kiddie
pools indoors or goldfish , fatheads or golden shiners in a pond


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