Re: NANFA-- Texas cichlid vs. Blue Texas cichlid

Mark (
Mon, 6 Jan 2003 17:52:16 -0500

At 12:36 PM -0500 1/6/03, Bob Bock wrote:
>Thanks for the info, Jan. No need for alarm, to my knowledge, pearlscale
>cichlids have not been found in Texas. I was just trying to track down a
>rumor I heard---that most Texas cichlids sold in stores weren't Rio Grande
>cichlids, but were really carpintes.

I would tend to think the opposite. Most of the ones I have seen are Texas
cichlids, cyanoguttatum. Typically the carpinte are labeled as such
because they are of interest to cichlidophiles. As far as definitively
separating them, I've never checked the literature, but it seems like there
are differences in coloration and body form that are pretty distinctive.
Carpinte tends to have more, larger, brighter blue spots. Cyanoguttatum
tends to be more muted with an over all gray cast. Seems like
cyanoguttatum also has a dark pattern with kind of a separation between the
front and back halves of the body, with the back half being darker. This
is probably something like what Jan was describing.

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