Re: NANFA-- willows and maybe cattails
Mon, 6 Jan 2003 17:27:08 EST

an odd thing about cattails...
i collected several from the immediate area... in fact in a ditch just up the
road. they were growing in a low area w/ sticky red clay as a substrate. i
dug up several and one very carefully w/ a "cattail" on top. this one i
carefully transplanted into a container for the pool. it died within a few
weeks. hum :(
at the same time i had pulled up a few stalks... no roots. these, i thought
to myself... i will just stick into the gravel and they will look nice and
green for awhile... kinda like a rose in a vase.
well low and behold these are the ones that really took off and have
established themselves. no roots or tubers... just a clean stalk. how weird
it seems.
they and iris are firmly established in the shallow end of the cement pond in
about 12" of pea gravel. the cattails grow very well from late winter into
mid summer when they kinda languish i guess in the heat and warm water. just
recently i put on my waders and gloves and cut and removed all the dead
im looking forward to spring and seeing the new rush of growth.
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