Re: NANFA-- General House (tank) Keeping Question
Tue, 21 Jan 2003 13:32:31 EST

In a message dated 1/20/03 11:37:34 AM Eastern Standard Time,

> I'd like to get a concensus on something from all of you. As I have
> stated I am now the owner of a small pet store.

Way to go Ty! It's always been my dream!

> As part of this I have
> 18 tanks set up for freshwater fish, containing a basic selection of
> common tropicals.

Any chance you will carrying natives?

> Additionally, each tank has it's own filtration
> system. I have run close to this many tanks at home, but am experiencing
> problems with ICK, in the store. This gets compounded by the constant
> influx of new fish and the sharing of nets and other items across all of
> the tanks. How can I properly prevent the spreading of disease from one
> tank to another? Using seperate nets and such is not an option.
> Should I have a rinse bucket for my nets, where I can disinfect my nets
> uses? If so, what should I use in this bucket? I have heard that using a
> heavy salt solution works, but have had mixed results. I also want to
> keep from adding this salt or other disinfectant back into my tanks, or
> passing medication from one tank to another. Any tips? I know many of
> you have been in the trade and most of you keep multiple tanks, so I'm
> hoping I can get some good tips.

Yes, this should be done. I've seen a lot of things used for this purpose
from bleach to salt water but I think there is a commercial product on the
market that avoids most of the downside of things like bleach.
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