Re: NANFA-- do fish get goiters?

Todd Crail (
Tue, 21 Jan 2003 13:38:17 -0500

"So this tadpole walks into a bar, sees a potentially really hot looking
female gastrulatic blastulae and says 'Hey sweet pore... Nice dorsal
blastophoral lip you got brewing there. Your vernal pool, or mine?'"

But back to something more serious... Now I'm really interested in the
implications here since we don't typically feed entire foodwebs in our
aquaria, much else, the potential for limiting certain *necessary* nutrients
in the animal's diets. I'm going to step away from this for the moment,
however, as this is 100% "pure distraction material (tm)" from what I should
accomplish today :)

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> I knew that talk of endostyles would separate those with a developmental /
> vertebrate zoology background from everyone else... But, terrestrial leafy
> green plants like spinach and kale contain reasonable amounts of
> biologically available iodine. And both marine and freshwater
> are (relatively) enriched in iodine, so that freshwater phytoplankters
> iodine available up through the food chain in most foodwebs. I don't have
> specific numbers at hand for organic concentrations of iodine. From
> _Limnology_, 3rd ed., there's a mention of iodine concentrations in
> fresh waters as being 0.0018 mg/l, less even than bromine at 0.006 mg/l.
> Hmm, this could result in a serious literature search...
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