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Wed, 22 Jan 2003 16:52:11 EST

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> In addition to what Mark has said about trying to make a very smooth
> transition and minimal disease transfer, do some checking on the ambient
> temperature stability in your store. Nothing promotes ich more than when
> there are temperature fluctuations. You may want to try to use some data
> loggers in some of your tanks to see what the temps are like throughout the
> day and night. Obviously smaller tanks would fluctuate more rapidly than
> larger tanks

I've noticed a few fish that were already injured when I collected them
[irrigation ditch nearly dry, with dense concentrations of fish - many
already dead, etc] that since I've kept them in my wintering room [40-50F]
the fungus/ich has decreased on the injury site in each fish to the point
where there is white tissue with no sign of fungus. On an unrelated topic,
has anyone else noticed how, in cold water [40'sF], sunfish, bass & crappie
will hit at food, but frequently have it hit them on top of their nose/mouth?
It's almost like the cold water distorts their visual acuity? It happens
often enough that I'm sure of the direct relationship with low temps.

Bruce Scott
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