Re: NANFA-- "Ugliest fish in North America"

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I guess what my point is Steffen, is to not stop watching for that
independent or potentially independent person, and to keep the focus off of
what is "wrong". There may be many more worthy opportunities than appear,
and most of the time, they get missed in the noise of what is unworthy.

To think 4 years ago, I had my butt firmly placed 4-8 hours a day in front
of a TV, _drunk_ as hell, angry and bitter that "such a mindless people and
culture could put me in the undesireable situation I was in". (no logical
falicies in there at all huh? ;) I knew nothing academically of the natural
world, besides some dry text book readings about cells n stuff and overheads
that were lecture notes... And that nature was still "neat" but kinda out of
the way for the most part because they "paved it ALL over".

To now, where I get emails from 3rd graders asking how they can learn about
longear sunfish, invitations to join an academic community, and offers from
a semi-major American Zoo to design and teach a week long summer camp to
junior and high school students about North American fish and their ecology.

I personally don't have time any longer to wonder about or dwell on what's
broke. I'm too busy helping those who want to learn or fix.

Certainly not everyone is cut to take the academic route I seem to be moving
toward, or a large majority of the knowledge I seek (and I sincerely hope
this doesn't sound like I'm getting too big for my britches :). I mean
really, who in their right mind cares how some chunks of ice a few years
back affect where life is today?

But by knowing that information, I can provide the abridged version and give
them a small piece of that knowledge, which is the fundamental piece fo
understanding. I get the "sell out" argument from time to time that I only
know so much because I'm "smarter than the average bear"... Bah! I don't
buy it. What's infectious is enthusiasm! Temper that with a nice dose of
understanding the basics and you're ready to get others to your level of
understanding. To get the basics, it only takes a minimum of effort, mainly
for an individual to go outside themselves and explore.


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> I share your hope of things changing but when I look at the coming
> generation I see only tech, drugs, fun, sex, cars, money and most of all -
> no responsibility. The last time I had to select young people for
> as advertising professional I didn4t take any of the candidates and left
> position vacant. None of them was in any way reflecting, responsible or
> ambitioned. Sad to say. I am happy every time I meet a young person whos
> brain is working independently from mass consum and time smashing.
> The other side of the medal: nowhere in the world nature is treated worse
> than in the underdeveloped countries. They are not closer to nature by
> rather than only by situation. They destroy their land, pollute their
> and kill their native animals faster and more consequently than we in
> or North America have ever done. The Bison can be happy not to have lived
> Asia or Africa.
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