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> Two separate topics. ID the fish, and comment on paddlefish.
Oh ok, the fish looks like a snakehead, bad news if it was wild caught, and
paddlefish are harvested (not really fished for) by snagging them with treble
hooks in a limited area of one of the tributaries of the Mississippi. I saw a
show about it on discovery channel last year. Personally I think that killing
wild fish to make caviar is a criminal act but in a few places paddlefish are
used in that way. The meat is also sold. If the meat is as good as sturgeon it
would be great eating. Too bad sturgeon and paddlefish can't be farm raised in
quantities large enough to be profitable. I've thought about raising snapping
turtles and soft-shell turtles as export to the orient. It should be a
profitable endeavor.


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