NANFA-- Feeding Blue Spotted Sunfish Questions

Michael Heinich (
Tue, 10 Jul 2001 10:14:14 -0700 (PDT)

I have my first NA Fish tank setup now. 5 Blue spots
and several grass shrimp. One shrimp has a clutch of
eggs. They are all in a 5g tank. There is one full
grown sunfish and the rest are half his size or

The first evening they seem to ignore freeze dried
fare of tubifix worms and blood worms. I put in
frozen (dethawed of course) blood worms yesterday and
the smaller ones took to it well. The large one
seemed to ignore it. Today I tried the freeze dried
blood worms by themselves and the smaller ones went
after them. Including a couple who ate the worms
while they were still floating at the top. Someone
had mentioned that they wont taking floating food.
The word didn't reach these small guys. The large
blue spot ignored this fare again.

I am wondering if he is too old and set in his ways
and soon he will starve to death unless I get some
live worms or something.

I want to keep to either frozen or freeze dried fare.
I don't want to mess with live food right now.

What else would be good to feed them? Should I try
the freeze dried tubifix worms again? I know that any
hatchlings from the Grass Shrimp will become food but
I can't count on that.

Any know if I should feed the grass shrimp some broken
algae wafers or let them feed off the leftovers (if
any) from the sunfish?

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