Re: NANFA-- Feeding Blue Spotted Sunfish Questions
Tue, 10 Jul 2001 14:35:55 EDT

hi michael...
i would try to find a bigger tank. 5 gallons is kinda small but would be good
for the grass shrimp to live in w/o being eaten. i have not had long success
w/ grass shrimp... tho i will be looking at a tank and see one moving about
that i put in several months ago. i have seen the grass shrimp eating frozen
blood worms also. they seem to do best in a heavily vegetated tank, and is
where i scoop them from a vegetated lake.
chopped live red wigglers are a great start for new natives. nothing can
resist them. next is frozen blood worms. my standard meal for darters. next
is freeze dried bloodworms... good for conveinence and established fish
including darters. sunfish will eventually eat just about anything tho.
floating koi pellets and turtle food is something i feed my sunfish, along
with bugs and larva i find about. i have a compost bin which is good for
producing worms and larva.
all my fish seem to reject dried tubiflex worms. the cube will end up just
floating and fouling the water w/ fungus. the only thing of seen really going
after dried tubiflex cubes are snails.
get a small tub of red wigglers from a bait store. keep it in the fridge.
pull out one or two, rinse the dirt off and snip them into little pieces
using tweezers and sissors. ouch. watch them get eaten pronto. dont dirty the
water w/ uneaten food tho.
after a time you can go to dried food for the blue spotts and most natives.
treat them every once in a while tho to some frozen worms ( blacks, mosquito,
glass, blood, etc worms and fresh chopped live red wigglers.

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