Re: NANFA-- Klamath sucker --> Rio Grande minnow

Christopher Scharpf (
Fri, 13 Jul 2001 23:31:50 -0400

> Chris, I'm impressed you can sit through Rush, the mouth that's a mile wide
> and an inch deep.


I'd much rather you be impressed with me for other things. I seldom listen
to Rush. I put the radio on today to catch the news. Caught the last 5
minutes of his show before the top of the hour. When I heard him utter the
words "sucker fish" with utter contempt, my ears perked up. Cool! Native
fish on the radio. He said the "sucker fish" should learn to adapt. His
Rushian logic was priceless: Enviromentalist whackos said that the spotted
owl needs a certain kind of tree or it will die. But boy oh boy were they
wrong, since, according to Rush, a spotted owl was apparently seen nesting
in or on a K-Mart sign some where. Therefore, the enviromentalist whackos
must also be wrong when they say that the "sucker fish" needs water or they
will die.

You're a professional biologist, Bruce. Answer me this: Do fish *really*
need water? Or can they live on a K-Mart parking lot?


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