Re: NANFA-- more on snakeheads
Sun, 14 Jul 2002 15:50:31 EDT

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<< Is there a need for a snakehead
rescue group? Of course, all those unwanted Oscars and such could be used to
feed the unwanted snakeheads... >>
I've given some thought to starting a fish rescue place if i ever manage to
buy a few acres so I can build a pond under a greenhouse. It may start coming
together by next summer when I plan to build a house on about five acres. I
would almost have to charge a small fee to cover the cost of long term care
of large fish. I was thinking of a long narrow pond under one of those long
temporary greenhouses like they use in this area to grow tobacco plants. They
only keep the plastic up in the winter but leave the metal hoops up year
round. You could build a very long narrow pond like that and put fish too big
for their owners to keep in it. keeping in warm around here wouldn't be
terribly difficult but keeping the really nasty fish apart from the just big
ones might be a problem. Just one of those useless thoughts that rattle
around in my head from time to time.

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