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Wed, 17 Jul 2002 11:52:15 -0700 (PDT)

Collecting/sampling sets the native fish organization
apart from all of the --to me-- lesser fish groups .
Some people just cant get out collecting for whatever
reason/s but I would bet that the vast majority would
very much like to ! ! Those like myself who have never
collected with anyone else have sweet dreams of the
splish splash of another collector working a stream
with us .Though with my luck Id draw the one lurking
group maniac for a kick net duet . But a dozen ? That
certainly drops the odds on being the one to get snake
bit . And , if you hit a deep hole you have someone to
climb up on . They might save your life a dozen ways
!!! Hows that for a handy group to have around ? How
dreary those other fish groups are with no collection
reports . And , its right here in the U.S.A...I go
collecting on my way into town to get bread !! No need
to get on one of those winged things and spend a
thousand or two .
As for caspers style I savor every sound bite of it
like I do a good meatball sandwich --hard to find in
Arkansas--with lots of sweet peppers and red sauce
please--and envy him his expeditions . Caspers
descriptions dont read so much like a report as they
do a letter home from a friend .How lucky we are thats
the way he is .Its just that once in awhile a note
back from the friend at home would be nice .
The word description for Steven hasnt been put
together yet . Thats because Mr. Enthusiasm falls
short . If you told Steve you needed help to sample
the down flow of Niagara Falls he would say
O.K.!....dip net or seine ?
Ray Wolff is one of the most responsive people I have
ever met . And I did meet him and tour his many tanked
fish and herp room along with all of his ponds .
Sometimes busy people dont take time out for a little
know nothing but Ray has always been a big help to me
. I just wish I had taken my camera when I visited him
.Nor did I get to go ice flow skipping then .By the
way Ray what brand do you get those fish tanked on ?
Sure gets em spawning !
Chris doesn't impress me as the type to run round
slapping on smiley faces but what a class act and
American Currents shows it !!!

Most non profit groups consider themselves lucky to
have a 10 % active membership . Though we always need
more I think we are doing very well when you conceder
all the ways there are to be "active" .There are a
whole bunch of other names bouncing around in my skull
right now . WHAT A GROUP . Board people , comity
people , volunteers at shows , list people and
personalities , people who jump in and give advice .It
just goes on .

Bill Hoppe
Yellville Arkansas
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