Re: NANFA-- Nanfans

R. W. Wolff (
Thu, 18 Jul 2002 11:41:15 -0500

> .Nor did I get to go ice flow skipping then .By the
> way Ray what brand do you get those fish tanked on ?
> Sure gets em spawning !

I think I showed you that little room where you thought I was "aging"
water. That is really a brandy still. I fill my tanks with weak brandy and
it does the trick. Seriously, I think that might be part of the trick. The
aged ,treated water and lots of living plants and driftwood. Maybe these
fish need to see enough tiny food items for their young before they produce

The last guy to come tour, the President of G.A.S.S. ( Gar Anglers
Sporting Society) , said I should start charging. The cable guy had his jaw
drop open and he said " So this is what heaven looks like". Maybe when
everything is done I will have to charge admission. Ha ha.

Here is the link to G.A.S.S. web site:

Here is a link to a site about why lawns are the way they are. Its very
informative, but does have alot of stuff relating to one of my favorite
bands, but that does not distract from the thread we had, it is Written by
Uwe Hoppe :

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